The Iberian Peninsula is the inspiration for Larkspur & Hawk’s Bella collection.  An exciting jewelry evolution blossomed between the 16th-18th centuries in Portugal and Spain which allowed jewelry to be more decorative, fantastical, and whimsical.


The Bella collection is a nod to the past and is almost celestial, bursting with light and color.  Of particular note is the growing interest in 18th century astronomy, and the much-anticipated return of Halley’s Comet in 1758, which spawned comet-inspired jewelry.


Pearls, also popular during this period, make an appearance for the first time at Larkspur & Hawk, juxtaposing the grey pearls’ opaque lustre with the fiery sparkle of foiled gemstones. The Bella Collection is rich in jewel colors and features a new pinched bezel setting that provides a simple frame to highlight the sparkle of rose-cut stones. This was a popular bezel, but the silhouettes are not reproductions of 18th century Iberian models.  Rather, they represent the spirit of the period and the celebration of the art of jewelry design.