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THE PALETTE: Color-Blocking

With winter’s chill starting to fill the air, ‘tis the season for layering — and that includes your jewelry. It’s no secret that we at Larkspur & Hawk are big fans of color, and lately we’ve taken to combining pieces in varying hues to create an eye-catching, color-blocked look. It’s an incredibly versatile styling trick, ranging from subtle tonal mélanges to bold, contrasting combos, that hits a festive note which is perfectly suited to holiday parties.

We love the vibrancy created by mixing bright colors, like rose, cobalt, and grass. The multicolored combination is an ideal antidote to dull, gray days. There’s a lovely autumnal glow achieved by layering rich jewel tones like bellini and scarlet, gentle peach paired with a deep wine red. Or for a more understated effect, try teaming pieces in a spectrum of pale shades like pink, gray, and beige — the subtle variations in tone make for a radiant, multi-dimensional mix. Whichever route you take, it’s pretty hard to go wrong. Remember that when it comes to color-blocking, more is definitely more.