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Taking Flight - May 2015

Larkspur & Hawk commissioned creative director, Talya Cousins and photographer, Horacio Salinas, for a photo series titled, “Taking Flight.”   With Larkspur & Hawk’s Georgian-inspired jewelry as their focal point, the photographs explore nature and evoke an old-world feel.  Artistic illustrations serve as a backdrop for this set of images, featuring birds that were hand-painted during an expedition of the South Sea Islands in 1865, and later reproduced in a book in 1873 (images from the original volume, found at a rare book shop, were used on set).  The striking contrast of colors in each illustration highlights the unique hues and tones used in the Larkspur & Hawk jewelry collection, with each piece radiating light and color.  Founder and designer Emily Satloff has resurrected a forgotten, 18th century, Georgian foil technique to give each piece of jewelry an ethereal beauty with deep and brilliant, multifaceted color that changes and captures the...

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