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Taking Flight - May 2015

Taking Flight - May 2015

Larkspur & Hawk commissioned creative director, Talya Cousins and photographer, Horacio Salinas, for a photo series titled, “Taking Flight.”  

With Larkspur & Hawk’s Georgian-inspired jewelry as their focal point, the photographs explore nature and evoke an old-world feel.  Artistic illustrations serve as a backdrop for this set of images, featuring birds that were hand-painted during an expedition of the South Sea Islands in 1865, and later reproduced in a book in 1873 (images from the original volume, found at a rare book shop, were used on set).  The striking contrast of colors in each illustration highlights the unique hues and tones used in the Larkspur & Hawk jewelry collection, with each piece radiating light and color.  Founder and designer Emily Satloff has resurrected a forgotten, 18th century, Georgian foil technique to give each piece of jewelry an ethereal beauty with deep and brilliant, multifaceted color that changes and captures the mood of ever shifting light.    

“The incredible color saturation and vast array of hues celebrated in this collection (link to pieces in all photos here) led us to think about exotic birds in vibrant colors,” said Ms. Cousins.  “We sought to capture what would transpire if the birds came alive and began to fly around the room, carrying the jewels in their beaks, nesting, and creating a bit of havoc. Just like the jewelry, we wanted to create images that tell a powerful yet tender story; elegant and dynamic.”

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