Custom Majestic Animal Ring
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18k Yellow Gold

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Known for its historical reinterpretations, Larkspur & Hawk is pleased to introduce Illustrated, a new capsule collection inspired by a collaborative wallpaper design entitled Emily's Garden.  The collection celebrates the many ways in which founder Emily Satloff's inspiration can take form.

In designing the Illustrated collection, Emily’s two great loves — jewelry and animals — coalesced.  Emily looked to the intricately embellished rings of the Renaissance, which often depicted animals, as well as the gem-centric cluster rings of the 18th century. Drawing on elements from both styles, she created Larkspur & Hawk’s first custom animal ring: a richly colored tourmaline framed with rose-cut diamonds and flanked by miniature sculptures of her own cats, Clemmy and Mojo, in 18-karat gold. To convey the duo’s regal air, Clementine is rendered with a diamond-topped crown while Mojo dons a diamond-studded bowtie. 

The process of capturing her pets’ personalities in precious metal, and the resulting heirloom, was so rewarding that she is now offering it to Larkspur & Hawk customers. From pets, current or past, to spirit animals, any creature you imagine can be immortalized in your own custom ring.

Emily's Garden Bespoke Majestic Animal Ring in 18k Yellow Gold with Cabochon Cushion or Oval Tourmaline, White Full-Cut Diamonds and Pave White Rose-Cut Diamonds Set in Black Rhodium.  Stone carat weights vary.

This ring is made to order.  Lead time is 6-8 weeks.  Pricing starts at $6,000. 

Your beloved will unwrap our signature box and find our Bespoke Ring Guide inside, showing several custom rings and highlighting the unique process. He or she will then start the journey of designing an animal ring personally with our founder Emily after the holidays. It’s an everlasting present and an experience all wrapped up in one.

All images shown are examples of clients' own rings. 

To learn more about the process, view our Custom Animal Ring Lookbook.