L&H Bride Girandole Earrings in Porcelain
L&H Bride Girandole Earrings in Porcelain alt-L&H-Bride-Girandole-earrings-porcelain-profile img-lifestyle alt-L&H-Bride-Girandole-earrings-porcelain-model img-lifestyle
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Girandole earrings have been the bridal earring of choice for over 200 years, no doubt due to the way the pear-shaped drops romantically twinkle in sunlight, moonlight and especially candlelight. Each setting is lined with a creamy, white silk satin bouquet ribbon, offering an alternative to wedding pearls that will forever remind you of your wedding day as you continue to wear these earrings for both everyday occasions and significant milestones throughout your lifetime.

Measurements: 1 3/8 in x 5/8 in