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A modern take on the classic rivière style, this asymmetric design and distinctive combination of foil colors is captivating. It might appear that the colors and shapes are very specific, but once you try it on, it becomes clear how versatile it actually is. Layer it with more rivières or other necklaces in your collection, she can handle it!

“I began designing asymmetric collections many years ago, and they have continued to be a favorite. While our clients feel modern in these playful silhouettes, my design reference has always been the use of mismatched stones in 17th and 18th century jewelry.” Emily

Catherine Rivière of Black Rhodium Washed Sterling Silver or 18k Yellow Gold Washed Sterling Silver, White Quartz (62.4ct) with Multi-Garden Rose Foils (White, Bellini, Rose, Blush)

Measurements: 17 in x 1/2 in