Larkspur & Hawk’s latest collection, Ivy, introduces an exciting new category: foiled diamonds. Over the past ten years, the brand has established itself as the definitive purveyor of contemporary foiled jewelry, reviving and modernizing a near-forgotten technique popularized during the Georgian era. Now, Larkspur & Hawk is applying its signature style to the world’s most precious gems. “Historically, foiling was used by 18th century jewelers who didn’t have the stone-cutting technology to create brilliant, faceted stones,” says Emily Satloff, Larkspur & Hawk’s Founder & Designer. “Of course, today’s diamonds don’t need any enhancing. This collection is really about celebrating the art of foiling, showing how colored foils can lend even the most exquisite gems a distinctive glow.” Where previous collections have seen foil used to enliven various semi-precious stones, Ivy marries the dazzling sparkle of classic white diamonds with the painterly colors and singular radiance of foil — creating diamonds of unparalleled character.

            The new collection is comprised of five earrings and two pendant necklaces featuring rose-cut diamonds backed with meticulously hand-cut foils in dulcet shades of pink or blue. Satloff selected rose-cuts for their subtler sparkle, reminiscent of old-mine-cut diamonds. During the Georgian era, old-mine diamonds were typically backed with silver while colored foils were reserved for colored stones. So, while the technique may be centuries-old, Ivy breaks new ground by applying colored foil to diamonds. Ivy also introduces settings in a solid pale-yellow gold, a proprietary alloy of untreated white gold with a uniquely warm luster.

            Airy and refined, Ivy is Larkspur & Hawk’s most delicately-scaled collection to date. Single or double foiled-diamond drops are suspended from ear huggies in polished gold or diamond pavé — an ideal silhouette for both everyday and evening wear. Two styles of longer drop earrings feature gossamer-fine chains accented with bezel-set round-brilliants in addition to the foiled rose-cuts. The elegantly restrained pendants are available in either a single or two-stone style, with minimal metal to give the illusion of foiled diamonds floating against one’s décolletage. Several of the pieces are compatible with a special edition of Larkspur & Hawk’s recently launched Carriage Covers, also in solid pale-yellow gold.

            “Ivy truly gets at the heart of what inspired me to create Larkspur & Hawk: paying homage to the past through contemporary design,” says Satloff. “18th century jewelers rarely had the opportunity to work with stones of such high quality, and most modern diamond jewelry features fantastic stones but lacks personality. Ivy incorporates both, nodding to history while being unmistakably now.”


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