LARKSPUR LADY: Rahel Ghebremichael

Mother, model and master fitness coach, Rahel Ghebremichael knows a thing or two about getting things done. As we set our own resolutions for 2020, we turned to Rahel for tips on sticking to goals and staying in shape and learned about this lovely Larkspur Lady along the way. Read on…

What drew me to the Larkspur & Hawk jewelry I am wearing… The layering of Larkspur & Hawk necklaces and rings bold and elegant.

My jewelry traditions... It depends on which Rahel I am! I love a statement necklace. But Fitness Rahel loves earrings, rings and bracelets as they are easiest to take on and off.

To me, Larkspur & Hawk means… Elegance for every woman.

My style in three words.... Less is more.

My favorite art period is...the Baroque. I am really drawn to the extravagant style of architecture and paintings.

My favorite color combination is...Black on black, white on white, or red on red! 

My favorite flower… White roses.

My favorite animal… Mojo, Emily’s cat. (Is this allowed?!!)

Something old I love… Vintage tea sets.

Something new(ish) I love… It’s not a thing! My son. I absolutely adore him and he has shaped so much of who I am today in just five years.

My New Year's resolution… Reach out more. 

What's inspiring me right now… My personal workouts — I get creative with them this time of year and center myself. 

How I stick to my goals… Pen and paper. Ideas almost always come to me during a workout or run, so I write them down when I’m finished and get going from there!

A surprisingly effective workout for the New Year… Strength training with consistency.

My best advice for staying in shape… Exercise to energize your body and mind. When you focus on the positive benefits, it helps you incorporate exercise into your daily life.


Sadie Medallion Rivière

Sadie Medallion Rivière


Sadie 3-Stone Ring

Sadie 3-Stone Ring