Illustrated Arbor Eyelet Aromatic Locket
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Fuchsia Tourmaline
14k Yellow Gold

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Aromatic adornments have existed for centuries in the form of pomanders, flacons, spice boxes and vinaigrettes.  People have had a long-standing love affair with scent and depending on the era, aromatic jewelry took the form of a scented treasure, a medicinal herbal chamber and often of a secret, protective object that emits a beautiful, personal fragrance. Certain scents have been credited with reducing anxiety, stress and elevating one’s mood as well as protecting the wearer from malodorous environs.

Functional jewelry and scent have always been passions of mine. I have long associated scents with memories, and I can easily recall each perfume that appealed to me during each phase of my life.  The design journey for our Aromatic Locket began many months ago, and long before the pandemic.  I was determined to make a pierced gold locket in which the perforated patterning would be just the right scale to emit a personally chosen scent hidden inside on a perfume-spritzed small ribbon. On the exterior, the locket is beautiful and unassuming, only the wearer knows that it beholds a secret- a delightful bouquet.

The scent choice is personal and can be any that someone would like it to be—their favorite perfume, aromatic oils, lavender, or even oude. It can change depending on the day or mood.


Illustrated Arbor Eyelet Aromatic Locket in 14k Yellow Gold with Fuchsia Tourmaline (1.54 ct) and White Full-Cut Diamonds (0.21 ct) on 22" Cable/Bar Chain.