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Larkspur & Hawk Debuts at Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason Eau de Nil Foil


We are excited to announce our debut at Fortnum & Mason in London this December! An initial launch was planned for May but was delayed due to the pandemic. It's exciting to see two brands come together that share Georgian inspiration and history -- color and foiling inspiration for Larkspur & Hawk and Fortnum & Mason's first store in 1707. Georgians were known for their bold colors and light levels were low from candles and oil lamps of the time, so their colors needed to pierce the gloom and hence foiling stones was born to bring more light and color to stones. This is a lost art that Larkspur & Hawk has resurrected in its jewelry. At Fortnum & Mason, the store is dressed largely in the inimitable Eau de Nil hueThe brand's signature color goes back to the 1950s when Ruth Gill, a talented typographer and graphic designer combined the beautiful color of the building's glazed roof tiles with her iconic rendering of the stores initials and the rest is history. 

In celebration of the launch, Larkspur & Hawk has curated a signature collection of limited-edition 'Eau de Nil' foiled jewelry available exclusively at F&M along with one-of-a-kind refurbished vintage keepsake boxes, which have been hand painted by English artist Melissa White.


Larkspur & Hawk Eau de Nil for Fortnum & Mason


You can find these exclusive pieces in the Jewellery Hall at Fortnum & Mason's London Piccadilly store alongside an assortment of our best-selling Classics. For more information or to purchase the exclusive Eau de Nil styles, please contact Fortnum & Mason.

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