Carriage Cover with Small Olivia Button Earring
Carriage Cover with Small Olivia Button Earring
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Black Rhodium Washed Sterling Silver
18k Yellow Gold Washed Sterling Silver
18k Rose Gold Washed Sterling Silver

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Small Olivia Button Earrings with White Quartz (9 ct.) and 14k Gold Earwires (1/2 in x 1/2 in) and Complementing Carriage Cover in Either 18k Yellow or 18K Rose Gold Washed Sterling Silver.

This special set includes a pair of mini Olivia button earrings, a smaller version of our best-selling earring, as well as a set of our new Carriage Covers. These hollow gold orbs are a modern riff on a style that was first popularized during the Victorian era, when horse-drawn carriages were the primary mode of transportation. In order to disguise their jewels while on the road, women would clip Carriage Covers over their gem-studded earrings.

Larkspur & Hawk’s yellow or rose gold-washed Carriage Covers are embellished with our signature bas-relief pattern. In addition to the mini Olivia button earrings, the Carriage Covers can be worn with numerous other Larkspur & Hawk earring and pendant styles, as well as any other similarly-sized pieces you might have in your jewelry box — instantly transforming their look. A versatile addition to any woman’s collection, Carriage Covers are the ultimate tool for converting jewelry from day to night or simply refreshing an older piece.