Illustrated 3-Drop Oval Earrings
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No period of history embodied the love of collecting more than the 18th and 19th centuries. People adored collecting everything, including historical artifacts, fauna, botany and so much more.  This golden age of collecting is the inspiration for Larkspur & Hawk’s Specimen Collection

"During the past few years, I have turned my attention to acquiring colorful gemstones.  As a dutiful collector, my criteria, in addition to quality, are based on color and point of difference; is there a place for it in my specimen box?  At times, my pursuit is driven by a new design in need of stones, but more often than not, I acquire stones with the confidence that a beautiful design will emerge, with the stones’ innate beauty as the inspiration."

Illustrated 3-Drop Oval Earrings in 18k Rose Gold with Honey Citrine (12.89ct) and Champagne Diamonds (2.93ct) and Rose Foil. One-of-a-kind.