Olivia Large Day Night Earrings
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Our Classic silhouettes are brought to life in our new Multi-Ethereal foil. This gently textured, multi-colored pastel foil recalls the magical, nuanced surprises that a tie-dye garment reveals in its elusive patterning. In much the same way naturally colored stones are distinctive, the organic placement of this multi-hued foil in each setting ensures that each piece of jewelry is unique within a gentle palette of gold, pink, blue, lavender and green.

Paying homage to 18th Century Day-to-Night earrings, these Olivia earrings easily convert from drops to studs for two distinct looks.

A note to the Larkspur & Hawk foil connoisseurs, Ethereal foil is a lovely accompaniment to our signature pastel foils, including, but not limited to, Ballet, Blush, Sancerre, Ice and Chambray.

Please note, each foil is unique and varies in tone.

Large Olivia Day Night Earrings with White Quartz (48 ct) on 14k Gold Posts (1 3/4 in x 7/8 in)

Also available to order in clip-on for non-pierced ears.  Please contact us for further details.