Pastels may be a perennial springtime staple, but these sugary shades are undoubtedly having a moment. This year, it seems as if everyone from fashion designers to florists have been viewing the world through rose- (and mint, lilac, and lemon) colored glasses. The latest wave of pastels reminds me of one of my favorite design movements: 18th century Swedish Gustavian style.

            Named after King Gustav III, a Swedish monarch who was so taken by a visit to Versailles that he decided to create the Scandinavian equivalent, Gustavian design is marked by pale, whitewashed colors (to counteract dark Swedish winters) and sleek, neoclassical lines. I love the effect of combing all those delicate, muted shades — think of the ethereal paintings of Agnes Martin — or simply adding a few pastel accents for a subtle whisper of color. Soft and serene, one can’t help but be charmed by these pastel beauties.

Sadie Small Rivière

Sadie Small Rivière



Caterina Large Double Drop Earring


Jane Small Day Night Earrings

Jane Small Day Night Earrings