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Historically Inspired for the Modern Day

Meet Emily,
Founder and Designer

Emily Satloff married her passion for antiques with her modern sensibility to create Larkspur & Hawk, designing unusual jewels with a timeless beauty.

Surrounded by arts and antiques as a child, Emily studied the history of decorative arts at The Cooper-Hewitt and Sotheby’s before working with historical objects as a museum curator. Here, she gained access to pieces spanning a breadth of periods and mediums, opening her eyes to a history of beauty few get to experience. Her passion for antique jewelry spurred the first iteration of Larkspur & Hawk when Emily began to curate and deal her own collection of period jewels that displayed her singular taste. In 2008, it was time to design her own pieces.

Inspired by the Past

Larkspur & Hawk resurrects the radiance of once forgotten designs into extraordinary collections infused with timeless beauty and modern style. Decades of Emily’s work, studies and love of antiques can be seen in every piece.

I grew up surrounded 
by antiques. I have a passion for objects that have a story.

Historical Inspiration

Antique influence | Modern designs

Inspired by the sentimentality and romantic ideals of Georgian-era jewelry, and the foiling technique signature to that time, Emily creates modern foiled jewelry that displays her talent for color and flair for ingenuity.

Our Technique

Our signature glow

Foiling is the distinctive technique that adds captivating light and color to our designs. Born in the Georgian era, when people lived by the glow of candles, metallic foils were used to reflect more light and enhance a gemstone’s beautiful features. Placed behind the setting, foil brings forth more color, sparkle and delight. Traditionally smooth or matte, we use these finishes regularly, and even evolved the technique to include textured foils—a practice Emily innovated in our New York showroom.

Each foiled piece is meticulously created by hand, custom-cut to each gem, and expertly laid before setting each stone.

I never tire of finding new ways to use foil.

The Setting

Every foiled piece needs a surface to lay the foil or fabric on, so each one is designed and made with a beautiful closed-backed setting, just like the jewelers of the 18th century did.

The Stones

Colorless white quartz stones are the stars of foiling and are beautifully faceted to create our signature glow and halo glimmer. We love to experiment with colored, translucent stones, too. When placed over different foils they create a unique two-tone effect.


Inspired by an array of antique pieces, we also design and create limited edition non-foiled collections that highlight the colors and cuts of some spectacular stones eager to stand on their own.

Our Showroom

Seeing is believing

Located in New York City’s NoHo neighborhood, our showroom is a color playground where Emily’s designs are guided by her eye for show stopping hues. She endlessly experiments with tone and light, creating combinations of special stones, colored foils and metallic settings that once together, create magical pieces that many could never envision just seeing the separate materials.

One Last Thing...

Inspired by the sentimentality of 18th century jewelry, we invite you to look for our special, often covert details. A pierced gold backing that makes a colored stone earring glow, a flower on the shoulder of a ring, or the poignant use of enamel, look closely and you’re sure to be delighted.

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