LARKSPUR LADY: Stephanie von Watzdorf


Meet Stephanie von Watzdorf, the inimitable founder and designer of Figue, a globally inspired and globally created collection of clothing, accessories, and market finds. Stephanie, in short, is the real deal. She grew up around the world, from Paris to New York, and constantly explores new places with an open mind and her unique point of view. We are all, in turn, the benefactors of her mélange of inspirations. So when Stephanie first asked us about styling our jewelry with her collection for an upcoming photo shoot, we said a resounding “YES!”. That initial shoot has evolved into a collaboration between our brands, with Larkspur & Hawk featured in Figue’s Resort 2020 campaign and sold on its website under “Figue Finds.” We are so happy Stephanie found us and love the fresh bohemian sensibility she brings to our colorful collections. Read on to get to know a truly amazing person….





What drew me to the Larkspur & Hawk jewelry I am wearing… Whenever I gravitate towards something it's a vibration. Color is a very strong vibration something that attracts you. I love the way the colors shimmer; each is so special independently and together. 


They are perfect for… Anytime. Actually, I think people should wear them for breakfast, lunch, the office, evening, with pajamas and coffee in the morning. You know? They should be part of every day because sparkling color attracts light and we all need light and extra color, especially when you live in big cities.


My jewelry traditions… I’m not traditional, let’s just say. Jewelry for me is adornment, it’s comfort, it’s energetic. It’s not just for show. It all means something to me and has a reason for being. Sentimentality is a big part of it. It’s emotional. 


To me, Larkspur & Hawk means… Taking a part of the past and making it very modern and authentic. I appreciate beautiful craftsmanship, which is the essence of anything I wear. Larkspur & Hawk fits into any style, which I love it just depends on how you mix it and how you put it on. 


My style in three words.... Global, eclectic, colorful. 


What's inspiring me right now.... I was just in Mexico City and was blown away by the color and the energy there. There's something really magical and powerful about Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera’s art very layered, textured, and inspiring. And then walking around Tepotzotlán, the markets are full of artisanal, beautiful things weavings, carpets, crystals. It’s all so good.


My favorite color combination is… Pink and military green. Or gold with anything.


My favorite flower… Orchids and gardenias. 


To me, a necessary indulgence… Dark chocolate and tequila. 


Something old I love… Buddhist teachings and Matisse’s artwork. 


Something new I love… Sana Jardin fragrance. A female entrepreneur created the company in Morocco,  and the fragrances are made with recycled crushed flowers by a community of women. So it gives women jobs, it’s sustainable, and it has purpose. And the product itself is exquisite and delicious. 


I am a collector of… Everything. Pieces that make my heart beat faster from all over the world: evil eyes, pom-poms, tassels, elephant anything, jewelry, fabrics, photography, books, African beading, kimonos, bowls, sunglasses, anything that shimmers elegantly, beauty products with a purpose….


My favorite animal… Elephants in the wild and dogs at home. 


The most surprising thing about being a designer…  It’s not just about creating beautiful things it’s what you do with those beautiful things. You have a voice. You can message for the greater good. You can make people more conscious. You can advocate for a better planet.


A golden rule I live by… Be kind, be curious and be me. I can’t be somebody else. I just have to be real and who I am. 


The inspiration behind our Resort 2020 collection… Bohemian Rhapsody. I had just seen the Queen documentary, and their music captures the essence of Figue in a lot of ways. But it’s really about this eclectic diversity in the whole collection, from prints to colors to silhouettes. What can I say? It's a rhapsody babes.


Larkspur & Hawk complements our Resort 2020 collection because… It’s a good synergy. I could see instantly how Larkspur would mix with Figue clothes it brings out even more color and luminosity in the collection. For the campaign, we paired the jewelry with day dresses, which brought a feminine touch to something more street. It elevated everything. And then there’s part of the collection that has a lot of shimmer golds, ivory, black what one would be wearing for New Year’s Eve or during the holiday season. Why not something Figue mixed with beautiful Larkspur & Hawk earrings? 


What’s next for me… More focus on philanthropy, collaborations, and travel. 

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