L&H Bride Round Rivière in Veil
L&H Bride Round Rivière in Veil alt-L&HBride-round-riviere-veil-white-rhodium-model img-lifestyle alt-L&HBride-round-riviere-veil-white-rhodium-back img-lifestyle alt-L&HBride-round-riviere-veil-yellow-gold-back alt-L&HBride-round-riviere-veil-yellow-gold-model alt-L&HBride-round-riviere-veil-yellow-gold-video
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Is there anything more romantic than adorning yourself with a glistening river of gemstones around your neck on your wedding day? Perhaps only one thing: complementing it with a pair of earrings to create a wedding parure. With settings lined in a luxurious silk tulle fabric that complements a wedding veil, this rivière will serve as a lasting memento of your wedding day, accompanying you through both everyday moments and significant milestones throughout your lifetime.

Measurements: 16 in x 1/2 in