LARKSPUR LADY: Jessica Sailer Van Lith

           Women of character have always been central to Larkspur & Hawk. From the beginning, all of our collections have been given a different woman’s name, from Cora to Olivia to Sadie. Although these women are fictional, each one is an amalgamation of various historical females that I admire as well as their contemporary counterparts — the friends, family and colleagues that inspire me daily.

            Portrait of a Lady, named in homage to the classic Henry James novel and its free-spirited heroine, is a new series that highlights the real ladies of Larkspur & Hawk. We’ve asked friends and loyal followers of the brand to share a bit about their passions, their style, and how they wear Larkspur & Hawk in their everyday lives. Our ladies are a diverse bunch, running the gamut from bright-eyed students to powerhouse CEOs to trend-setting creatives, but the one thing they all share is a fantastically unique sense of style. I’ve always believed that jewelry is only truly complete when it is worn, and these are the incredible women who bring Larkspur & Hawk to life.


Jessica Sailer in Larkspur & Hawk Photo: Alain Simic


            First up is Jessica Sailer Van Lith, a veteran of Vogue who now works as the Creative Director of Maisonette, the absolute chicest destination for all your little ones’ shopping needs. Originally hailing from Arizona, Jessica currently lives in Brooklyn with her husband, son and two daughters.


Here she shares some insights about her work, her passions and what makes her a Larkspur Lady.


Name/Title/Job:  Jessica Sailer Van Lith, Creative Director at Maisonette


What drew me to the Larkspur & Hawk jewelry I am wearing...   I tend to like classic shapes with something unexpected, so for me, it was wrapping a necklace that is typically worn long, and a classic drop earring that has a double stone asymmetric drop.


I am wearing them here with… A Brock dress


They are perfect for... Dressing up something simple and casual or layering on and making a statement.


My jewelry traditions or daily rituals...  My mother's pearl earrings and bangles with my children's names engraved on them.


My style in three words...  Classic, feminine, and Céline.


My passions are...  My family, making beautiful pictures and horses.


My favorite vacation ever...  Traveling to Argentina for the first time with my now husband and watching polo in the countryside.


My favorite color combination is...  Red and pink


My favorite flower...  Peonies, in any color


To me, Larkspur & Hawk means...  Small treasures that make everything more beautiful.


What I love about working on a children's line...  I LOVE clothes, I love shoes, and I love jewelry. When you have children, your focus, for better or worse, shifts to your kids; now I can to have fun in their space. If only they would let me choose their outfits!


The best thing I have learned from my children...  The most valuable thing on this earth is time, it goes by so incredibly quickly, and to not waste a second when you are with those you love.


What's next at Maisonette...  We've just launched Le Scoop, where you can hear from parenting experts, get style and design ideas, new recipes for your kids and everything in between.



Sadie Oval And Pear Drop Earrings

Sadie Oval And Pear Drop Earrings