LARKSPUR LADY: Lauren Marrus

     Our Larkspur & Hawk collection is rooted in techniques from the 18th century, rendered in modern ways. Perhaps this is what bonded us instantly to Lauren Marrus when we met years ago. As Dempsey & Carroll’s CEO, she honors the exquisite tradition of luxury paper established by the 140-year-old-company, while making it relevant for today. We sat down with her to talk jewelry, the holidays and the art of letter writing….

Lauren Marrus & Benny
What drew me to the Larkspur & Hawk rivière I am wearing… I love the colors of the foils, the antique-inspired design and the elegance of the look.
They are perfect for… Dressing up a white t-shirt, embellishing a white button down or wearing to a party with a little black dress.
My daily jewelry rituals… Many days, I decide which necklace or earrings I feel like wearing and then pick an outfit to work with it.  
My style in three words... Modern classics. Oops, that's only 2!
What's inspiring me right now… I am always inspired by water — the ocean, a lake, and even the rivers around Manhattan.  
To me, a necessary indulgence... Ice cream.
Something old I love… A second-hand, men's Rolex from the ‘80s.
Something new I love… My Caterina Y necklace. I have barely taken it off since I got it!
My favorite color combination is... Blue and blue.
My favorite flower… Peony.
To me, Larkspur & Hawk means… Sophistication, elegance, style, and beauty.
Best first anniversary present, for the tradition of paper… Couples correspondence on a luxurious 4-ply cotton fiber paper with a painted edge and custom monogram.
Favorite holiday tradition… Spending the Christmas week with my family in the Florida Keys as we have done for the past 23 years.
The best holiday cards always… Fill the recipient with joy and remind them of how important they are to you.
Best thank you note I've ever received… Hillary Clinton thanking me for her stationery and wishing my daughter well as she set off to Wellesley College.
My favorite correspondence traditions… I love beautiful papers and I love any reason to write! “Thank you for hosting us for dinner last night.” “I miss you and just want to say 'hello'.” “Happy holidays — we look forward to seeing you at reunion!”
What's next at Dempsey & Carroll We are focused on making traditions modern — creating products that reflect the tradition of our craft and work perfectly in today's digital world.
Sadie Large Rivière

Sadie Large Rivière