Shades of Glamour: Chloe Misseldine

Shades of Glamour: An exploration of how different women interpret what “glamorous” looks and feels like to them, as told through the lens of Larkspur & Hawk’s Faded Opulence and Estrela collections. One woman’s interpretation of glamour might involve a night out in velvet and multiple layered necklaces while someone else feels most glamorous cooking dinner at home wearing an understated pair of earrings. This series explores the depth of that variety. 

Concluding our series is American Ballet Theatre dancer Chloe Misseldine, wearing pieces from the Estrela collection.


Tell us about your relationship with the word “glamorous.” 

As a professional ballet dancer I think the perception would be that my life is a relatively glamorous one, and understandably so — I’m so grateful I get to do things like travel, attend red carpet events and galas, dress up in beautiful gowns and costumes, and spend time with many talented people. But to me the most glamorous aspect of all of this is simply the opportunity to be on stage and do what I love most, which is dance. I could be wearing sweatpants and it would still feel like the most glamorous thing in the world.



How — if at all — has your personal style changed over the last year, and how do you think that evolution will impact your style this fall and winter, particularly during the holidays?

I’m originally from Orlando, Florida but moved to New York when I was 16 for dancing, and that had a profound impact on my personal style. I’ve been exposed to so many new and different cultures here, and simply walking down the sidewalk is like attending a runway show, with so much outfit inspiration. I’ve never felt judged for what I feel like wearing, which is part of the beauty of it too.



Tell us about the Larkspur & Hawk pieces you wore. How do they represent your personal style? What do they reveal about who you are?

As a dancer I’m asked to play many different roles in various performances. I could be a princess in one show and a villager in the next, and that requires me to be a bit of a chameleon. That’s why I fell in love with these pieces from Larkspur & Hawk’s Estrela collection — because they have a chameleon quality as well, pairing just as easily with a very literally glamorous setting like a black-tie event as they would with a simple black slip dress at a dinner with friends.

What inspires your jewelry style? 

I first became interested in jewelry when I was a kid and would rummage through my mom’s jewelry box. There was a particular pair of large drop studs that I especially loved, because she would wear them on stage when she danced with American Ballet Theatre. I used to dress up and play with them. Now she’s passed them down to me, and I am following in her footsteps as a professional dancer myself. I can’t wait to wear them on stage like she did.



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