Shades of Glamour: Lani Halliday

Shades of Glamour: An exploration of how different women interpret what “glamorous” looks and feels like to them, as told through the lens of Larkspur & Hawk’s Faded Opulence and Estrela collections. One woman’s interpretation of glamour might involve a night out in velvet and multiple layered necklaces while someone else feels most glamorous cooking dinner at home wearing an understated pair of earrings. This series explores the depth of that variety. 

Next up in our Shades of Glamour series is Lani Halliday, the visionary baker behind Brutus Bakeshop in Brooklyn. 



Tell us about your relationship with the word “glamorous.”

Glamour is within all of us — we all have a unique radiance — finding that thing is all about tuning in to ourselves, our features and our beauty. It's an everyday thing and it radiates from within. I certainly can feel just as glamorous as I move through chic parties as I do while walking through the park. My interpretation of glamour has evolved over time just as my personal style has refined over time. These days my clothing and jewelry pieces are all about complementing and accenting. Letting my natural beauty be centered. Glamour is wearing beautiful pieces, not having them wear you.



How — if at all — has your personal style changed over the last year, and how do you think that evolution will impact your style this fall and winter, particularly during the holidays?

My current mantra truly is, "Less is More.” I love fashion, I love watching trends, the colors, the proportions, but when it comes to my personal choices I tend to stick to tried and true things that flatter me for my daily uniform, and I get things popping with favorite jewelry — a copper cuff, super tiny gold hoops that I never take out, a midcentury onyx and opal ring in a setting I've never seen anything similar to. I love pairing my everyday jewelry pieces with more glam looks for going out. I think this holiday season will be all about pretty pieces that can be dressed up or down, in a color palette that harmonizes with everything in my closet. 


Tell us about the Larkspur & Hawk pieces you wore. How do they represent your personal style? What do they reveal about who you are?

The Larkspur + Hawk pieces I chose hit that mark of pretty pieces with a bit of sparkle that I can wear every day, whether I'm off to an event or taking my dog for a walk in the park. And that's really what my personal style is all about. Sartorial choices that flatter, things that make me feel pulled together and pretty regardless of what I'm doing or where I'm off to next. I especially love the Bella Small Jeu de Paume Bracelet — it reminds me of a bracelet my mother gave me as a teenager — the settings and clasp are similar. It was sparkly too, I loved that piece. It once fell off my wrist at a crowded concert and I panicked — I ended up staying behind after the venue cleared out to find it and I was so relieved when I did that I put it in a drawer and didn't wear it again for years. I cherished it and was afraid to lose it again. The Jeu de Paume Bracelet reminds me so much of that piece that I'm actually gifting one to my mother for the holidays. I know she'll love not only the bracelet but the memories it conjures too.

What inspires your jewelry style? 

My personal style for jewelry is definitely form meets functionality. Honoring my version of glamour is really about understanding what works for me. I’ve tried out different styles over the years and regardless of trends I return to things that are pretty but not fussy, bold without being high maintenance. Is a feminine tomboy a thing? That’s me. That’s my influence.


Shop Lani’s favorite Larkspur & Hawk pieces below!

Bella Small Rivière

Bella Small Rivière


Bella Small Jeu De Paume Bracelet

Bella Small Jeu De Paume Bracelet


Bella Stud Earrings

Bella Stud Earrings