Caterina Chandelier Earrings
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Introducing Tussie-Mussie, our new spring/summer collection full of joyful and vibrant colors in a nod to the nosegays or bouquets of flowers carried during the reign of Queen Victoria. Our Multi-Garden Caterina chandelier earrings are punctuated with yellow, pink and green foils emulating a fresh floral bouquet.

Sleek and streamlined, Caterina lends classic silhouettes a contemporary edge. This collection features a mix of stones with clean lines and graphic shapes, including trillion and pear-cut quartz, in airy settings with minimal metal. One of our most lightweight and delicately-scaled collections, Caterina’s purity allows foils, ranging from understated neutrals to rainbow brights, to truly shine.

Caterina Chandelier Earrings with White Quartz (50 ct) and 14k Gold Posts (2 in x 1 1/4 in).