Valentina 'I Love NY' 2-Drop Emoji Earrings
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As it is known to do, Spring fills one’s heart with optimism, simply through the appearance of long-slumbering blossoms and the promise of warm weather.  It gives us a resurgence of energy as we embark on what we believe to be the prettiest of seasons in New York City.  A year has now passed since Emily began to design Valentina and she could not have arrived at a better time to be worn, as people begin to venture outside and reunite with friends, family, and favorite destinations, be it in New York City or anywhere in the world.

Valentina is a 30-piece fine jewelry collection, comprised primarily of our distinctive foil-backed white quartz with either black-rhodium or 18k gold washed sterling silver settings. The unique proportions of our heart shape reference the less-articulated stone cuts prevalent in 18th century jewelry, a form that is simultaneously bold yet soft and mysterious.

Valentina 'I Love NY' 2-Drop Emoji Earrings of 18k Yellow Gold Washed Sterling Silver with White Quartz and Colored Foils, 14K Posts