Custom Larkspur & Hawk Foil
Custom Larkspur & Hawk Foil alt-OBBR-9-Color alt-Riviere-Swirl alt-convertible-earrings
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Dream up your own color and style combination to create jewelry just for you. Start by choosing any of our signature foils in this palette, then pair with one of our silhouettes you love. Most anything is possible! We love brainstorming ideas with our clients — to get started or to ask a question, click the "Please Inquire" button or email

These special orders ship in 6-8 weeks. 


Wondering how our designs get that signature radiance and vibrant color?

Your eyes aren't tricking you — our jewelry really does shine brighter. Our unique glow is achieved by a technique called foiling, a lost art which was first popularized during the Georgian era. We revived the centuries-old technique and continuously translate it into modern designs, from mismatched convertible earrings to multi-strand riviere necklaces.

Foiling was first invented as a practical solution: During the Georgian era, jewelers began backing glass crystals with metallic foils to replicate the brilliance of diamonds. The popularity of foiling increased as women saw how it enhanced stones viewed by candlelight (this was before electricity). Precious stones like sapphires and rubies, in addition to paste, were all foiled to intensify luster and color. 

Today at Larkspur & Hawk, much of our jewelry features faceted white quartz that is set atop a custom-cut piece of colored foil — these stones are naturally clear; their coloring is dependent on the foil they are set with. Ensuring that the foil fits perfectly without any inconsistencies is a particularly tricky process, which is why foiling has become less common. Still, the unique glow of foiled jewels is as alluring as ever and the spirit of those centuries-old treasures lives on in each piece that Larkspur & Hawk hand-makes today.