L&H Bride Long Girandole Earrings in Bliss
L&H Bride Long Girandole Earrings in Bliss alt-L&HBride-Long-girandole-earrings-Bliss-white-rhodium-profile alt-L&HBride-Long-girandole-earrings-Bliss-white-rhodium-model img-lifestyle alt-L&HBride-Long-girandole-earrings-Bliss-yellow-gold-profile alt-L&HBride-Long-girandole-earrings-Bliss-yellow-gold-model
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Our long girandoles double-up on pear shaped stones, providing extra movement and sparkle, reminding us of the crystal chandeliers that gave them their name over 200 years ago. Each setting is lined with a mesmerizing pale blue opalescent fabric for a little something blue that will forever remind you of your wedding day as you continue to wear these earrings for both everyday occasions and significant milestones throughout your lifetime.

Measurements: 2 7/16 in x 7/8 in