Luzia Dama Cluster Earrings in Lavender Moon Quartz
Luzia Dama Cluster Earrings in Lavender Moon Quartz alt-luzia-dama-cluster-earrings-lmq-front alt-luzia-dama-cluster-earrings-lmq-side alt-luzia-dama-cluster-earrings-lmq-back alt-luzia-dama-cluster-earrings-lmq-model alt-luzia-dama-cluster-earrings-lmq-model
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"The Dama Cluster earring riffs one of my favorite 18th century silhouettes that was crafted throughout Europe. I have long been fascinated by the gently curved double oval design and love how stunningly versatile a seemingly simple earring can be." Emily Satloff, founder & designer

Luzia Dama Cluster Earrings in Black Rhodium Washed Sterling Silver with Lavender Moon Quartz (16.80 ct), Rainbow Moonstone (0.72 ct), White Diamonds (0.46 ct), and Ice Foil. Closed Back Setting with 14k Gold Post.

Measurements: 3/4 in x 13/16 in

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