Larkspur & Hawk is the creation of founder and designer Emily Satloff. Along with her professional team of designers, artists, and craftspeople, Emily uses the lost, colored foil technique that was first popularized in the Georgian era in the 18th century. Emily has resurrected this technique to create a unique look that is both historical and modern for Larkspur & Hawk's clientele today. Spanning a beautiful range of painted foil colors, the jewelry is delicately hand-crafted from precious metals and gemstones. Our foiling technique provides the collection's trademark 'halo' effect, yielding subtle color variations from every angle.

Holiday Selects

Cora Medium Rivière Regular price $9,000
Cora Fancy Chandelier Earrings Regular price $2,950
Cora Stud Earrings Regular price $650
Sadie Cushion And Pear Drop Earrings Regular price $1,600
Sadie Mis-Matched Kite 3-Drop Earrings Regular price $1,150
Sadie Medallion Rivière Regular price $8,000
Caterina Garland Rivière Regular price $2,300
Caterina Small Frame Earring Regular price $1,300
Caterina Round Pear Earrings Regular price $450
Caprice Kite 1-Drop Earring Regular price $2,300 +
Caprice Round Stone Solitaire Necklace Regular price $1,900
Caprice Semi-Pavé Kite Rivière Regular price $13,000
Sadie 4-Stone Necklace Regular price $950
Olivia Button Rivière Regular price $5,400
Bella Small Jeu De Paume Bracelet Regular price $850